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$ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Chris LLC & Marcie BC/DHS)
51 minutes ago

Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

- Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
- Now in 1280X720 HD for exceptional picture quality!



Chris LLC Crutching, Lots of Cast Talk & Toe Wiggling and Cast Removal
This was originally posted in two parts but not in the right order. Cutie Chris in Daisy Dukes shows off her heavily signed plaster llc with the foot curved in and talking about her experience including discussing the various people who signed her cast. Then she gets to crutching in her one flip flop. Lots of nice closeups. Now in a skimpy low cut tight fitting (inall the right places) sun dress she continues discussing her cast travails and limited movement while she lays sexily on her bed and then lounging on the couch while she wiggles her toes to show her limited range of movement, and then lighlty massages her casted foot. Then she gimps down the stairs for her cast removal where she uses a cast saw and manual tools to get her cast off with some aid.

Marcie BC/DHS
The original Broken Angelz body cast for the first time in large format (from a 24 meg 193meg). Marcie is laid up on an independence day weekend with a full red white and blue dhs from neck to toe, her two legs anchored additionally with a bar connecting them - after laying on a bed and modeling her cast (toe close-ups and wiggling). She is bored and decides to try to stand up on crutches.

Before 2009 we converted original 720X480 .MPG's and reduced them to 360X240 .WMVs of lower quality before posting to C4S because of storage limitations. I found these original larger size better quality files while archiving old DVD's. I will be reposting them at REDUCED PRICES along with original content. This Posting:

NEW!- Jelly's Bad Days Soft SLC, CAM, LLC
NEW!- Pam Angled Term LLC Week #2 & Week #4 Interview & Publicing
NEW!- Pam Angled Term LLC Crutching, Resting, Closeups and Toe Wiggling



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$ Cast Fetish [Edit]
(Castlovr's Angellica Pink SLC)
5 hours ago


Castlovr's Angellica Pink SLC, 125 Pics, Hot Sample

Video now in 1080P HD

05.26.15 - I don't even know where to begin with this awesome shoot. Angellica was a pro cheerleader. She's gorgeous and fit and pretty much perfect. Castlovr's got her in a pink SLC working out in athletic clothes and then in another outfit doing some sexy poses. And if you like this set, I've got much more of her coming up this week! Log in now to check out these 125 beautiful pictures.

05.23.15 - This clip has application footage and lots of crutching. Chelsea comments about how she hates the cast saw while I'm making her cast. There's some great crutching shots and a nice toe wiggling shot of her cute casted toes.

05.18.15 - The beautiful Chelsea is back in an LLC. Today's update is 100 sexy pictures of her posing her cast at the park. Stay tuned for a clip with a lot of crutching.

05.15.15 - In this final clip of Victoria's four day plaster SLC, she gets footage of her getting up and going through her daily routine and then dancing while making some food in the kitchen. She then goes outside to play fetch with the dogs and gets her cast signed some more.

$ Broken Devilz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Kiara LLWC Sexy Cast Tease)
5 hours ago

When good Angelz go bad...

- Featuring the best erotic cast clips
- Now in 1280X720 HD for exceptional picture quality!


OUR LATEST CLIP: Kiara LLWC Sexy Cast Tease - How Do you Like My Smelly Foot?

Kiara LLWC Sexy Cast Tease - How Do you Like My Smelly Foot? (English) Sexy Kiara teases you throughout this clip in her cute accented English as she slowly strips off her hospital gown while asking how you like her cast and discussing her smelly cast foot and what the smell is going to be like when the cast comes off. She also compares her hot pink cast to her hotter pink pussy and getting up close to show you asks you to decide which you think is more sexy.... Lots of nice closeups and Kiara is at her sexy best trying to get you turned on by her cast and her pungent cast foot.



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$ Casted Memories Video Clips [Edit]
(Kelly Term LLWC Public Gimping Foot Play)
6 hours ago

**Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


Story: Kelly Term LLWC Public Gimping Through the Mall and Soothing Casted Foot & Toe Massage
It's the holiday season and two sexy girls in tight spandex are walking around the mall. Actually more like gimping, because one of the girls, Kelly, has got on a stiff plaster long leg cast she's had on for days half sticking out of her cut out spandex leg. The red-painted toes on her casted foot are also sticking out. She's a bit self-conscious and surprised that so many people shopping for the holidays are instead looking at her stiff casted leg and her pretty exposed toes. After a while the staring gets too much and anyway she is tired hauling around her heavy cast so they go over to a mall bench where Kelly can prop her leg up to rest it. Natuarally her friend wants to help and provides a nice soothing massage of her on the part of her foot sticking out of her cast and five naked toes... How else can you get away with having your dirty foot casted in a public mall then with the excuse of having a cast!



- 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
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$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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(Krissy LLC with new Story Clip)
6 hours ago


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    $ Casted Memories [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Maryanne Combo Arm Leg Casts)
    6 hours ago

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    (Isabella SLC)
    6 hours ago

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    $ Girls in cast - video section [Edit]
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    (How to make a striped cast)
    8 hours ago

    Girls in Cast

    Girls in all type of casts

    Follow in this video how was made Szandy's fiber striped long leg walking cast...


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    (Nika SLWC Photoset)
    10 hours ago

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    10 hours ago

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    (Escayola fear to the dark espectacular)
    19 hours ago



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    $ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
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