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$ Broken Devilz Vidz In HD [Edit]
(Sunny LLC & Nesty SLC Lesbian Cast Wrshp)
2 hours ago

Over 400 Clips of Casted Angelz from one of the Earliest Cast Community Contributors

- Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
- Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!



Sunny LLC & Nesty SLC Mutual Casted Pussy and Tit Sucking and Play
(English) Nesty comes over to visit her friend Sunny after their car accident. Nesty is in better shape because with only an slc she can get around easier on crutches. But Sunny has a full leg cast so she sticks closer to home. After some sensuous mutual foot worship in the last clip the two start sucking on each others more private parts. As they caress each others casts with their good bare feet. The two really enjoy eating each other and engage is sensuous tit and pussy play and sucking throughout the whole clip. Its clear they *really* like each other!

Monique LLC The Sensuous Job Interview With *Extreme* Pussy Licking and Foot Worship
(English) When Monique comes to a job interview in a full leg cast, she doesn't know how cast crazy her potential boss is. As the interview progresses she realizes she will get the job, if the boss can do 'an examination of her fitness' prior to hiring her. Monique is extremely wary but she is a captive of her handicap in her cast and when her potential employer starts sucking her casted toes while she gets undressed, Monique can't do much about it. The boss however doesn't stop at her delicious toes. She works her tongue up to Monique's honey pot and Monique pulls her panties to the side to show off her pink little pussy and soon forgets about the job and the interview... and just about everything else but the raging orgasm she's about to have as she is tongued mercilessly. Monique is tall with long beautiful legs, (when you can see both!) and a tight little ass. Her boss helps her off the table so she can get a much better look at it and then makes her stand on her gimp leg as she continues to be eaten out. This is an unusually erotic cast clip with slow sensuous oral action thanks to these two participants. We call this a "must see!"

Verawonder LLC Casted Patient Tickled Silly by the Night Nurse *Extreme Foot Play*
(English) Pretty Verawonder is recovering the hospital with a broken leg in a cast. She thinks that is the only problem. What she is ignorant of is that the night nurse has a thing for soft ticklish soles and very long toes. Vera has both, and even though one foot is casted her toes and soft sole are still sticking out and her other foot is completely free. She wakes up in her hospital bed to find the lights on and the night nurse bending down and starting to play with her feet. She offers a surprised Verawonder a foot massage and she agrees, because basically she is stuck in bed, and maybe it will make her foot feel better. Soon she realizes the nurse has other things in mind as she starts tickling Verawonders casted foot relentlessly so that her long toes wiggle, which the nurse just loves to see! Then she starts on her good foot. The cast foot is easier to tickle because the plaster keeps her leg stiff and out so the nurse has easy access and verawonder can't pull it away however much she wants to. Her good foot is a different issue and the nurse feels it best to tie the big toe of her good foot to the traction bar so that she can't pull it away while she tickles it relentlessly and then movs on to both feet. Then the nurse "rewards" verwonder by untying her big toe, but that's because she has other foot abuse in mind! She takes the gauze she used to tie her foot down and now pulls it back and forth between the sensitive toe cleavage of each of Verawonder's ticklish exposed toes of her casted foot. The tickling is so intense Verawonder can almost not stand it! When she finally does stop she only starts up tickling both of poor Verawonder's feet again as she laughs as relentlessly as she is tickled! Then she finally stops and let's poor Verawonder go back to sleep. At least tonight! This is a great casted foot play and tickling clip featuring pretty Verawonder's exceptionally long toes and soft soles tickled by an accomplished tickler with pointy nails she uses just for that purpose! We rate this clip a "Must have".


** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(