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(new girl Amy LLWC & LAC & neck brace)
30 minutes ago

the only true golden cast-site on the internet


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(New video "Making amends")
3 hours ago


authentic • valuable • unique

Hey guys,

have you ever experienced the special situation that a good (female) friend of yours was in a cast?

That's what the protagonist of my latest video goes through. He spends the day with that girl who wears a beautiful purple LLC. And she has no clue that it's driving him crazy :) When she agrees to a foot massage and falls asleep, he enjoys her cast and her feet from up close...

German with English subtitles.


See you there!
Love, Alexandra

Main website | video shop:
Support for me, exclusive content for you – "Cast unique":

$ Broken Angelz [Edit]
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(Lia SLC Crutching w/Sling Pix & Clip)
5 hours ago

1600+ Cast Gals / 350,000 pix / 600+ clips - FULLY Searchable!

THE **LARGEST** CAST SITE FEATURING PIX & CLIPS -- Now with Multi-Criteria Search!

  • 2020-02-28 Lia SLC Crutching with Sling Pix & Short Clip
  • 2020-03-01 Zuzu SLWC Gimping with Heel Bar Pix & Short clip
  • 2020-02-03 Pam CLC Cutie Big Pix / Maravel CLC Story Clip
  • 2019-03-03 *NEW LONG CLIP*: Angel Maravel CLC 1 Long Clip (1 Month Only)

  • ===========================================================
    One of the oldest and continuously updated cast sites from two of the earliest contributing members to the casting community (1997), updated 3 times a week with pix and CLIPS -- new material every week.

  • Featuring 1600+ Casted Girls in 3000+ Individual image sets and variety sets
  • Over 350,000 images and 600+ clips of the finest, most beautiful casted ladies/models you'll ever see.
  • Castgirls from my 40 casting community friends from around the world including CM, CGJ (Japan), CEG (Czech), Gamtrulia (China) SNE, UFO and Swtts, Paul, TCast and _David, Castlovr, Casted Angel, Unc_fan, DA, SGDevil, Myk, CA Caster, CA Dollz, BKast, Golf_thug, Wingnut, and many many more...
  • And... 600+ short & cast story vid clips on the site including both model and candid med stuff... and MORE added WEEKLY!
  • ===========================================================

    You can Access the regular PIX site by clicking the $ BROKEN ANGELZ link at the top left and the CLIP SITE by clicking WHAT'S NEW link.

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    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
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    (Neue Angebote nur kurze Zeit erhältlich)
    6 hours ago

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    $ Broken Angelz Vidz In HD [Edit]
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    (Stella Term SLC Casted Hospital Ftply)
    8 hours ago


    1000 Clips from "THE" Longest Continuously Running and Largest Cast Community Site

    - Updated with 5-6 new Clips per Month
    - Now in 1280X720 HD / 1920X1080 HD for exceptional picture quality!




    Stella Term SLC Casted, Convalescing and Crutching at the Hospital with Foot Play
    After being casted following her accident Stella is recuperating in her hospital bed when her friend comes to visit for a brief time to see how she is doing and check out her funky cast. They hang out for a while until she leaves a bored Stella lying in her bed. Stella starts playing with her casted toes and then the traction bar over her bed with her casted foot (closeups). She then takes a few casted foot selfies she can send to friends. Then she gets out of bed, slides her good foot into a single flip flop and crutches to the bathroom and then back again.

    Rosalie Term SLWC Adventure Anthology Closeup Foot Play Scenes
    (English) In response to requests we took all the closeup foot play scenes across all Rosalie Term SLWC clips (including one yet unpublished) and put them together in one clip for fan enjoyment. This clip was edited to optimize visual versus audio scenes. The scenes include: - Rosalie Gets Casted (last stages) - While she's stuck in a cast Rosalie decides to decorate it while she sits on the couch with one clog and sweats on - Since her perfect toes will be hanging out for weeks Rosalie decides to give her exposed foot a pedicure and lotion it up - She calls a friend while she struggles around the living room, resting on the couch and propping her cast foot up to massage between her toes - She does some Yoga exercises (dirty cast foot) - She sits on the grass wiggling her exposed toes with one sneaker to match her red polished toes and places flowers between her toes so they smell better - When out driving with a friend (as a passenger) they stop for a break she rubs her cold toes and her friend assists with the massage - At at her curious friends house she has to explain all about her cast as she wiggles her toes and her friend examines the cast closely - At the office her curious collegaue takes liberties jabbing her exposed sole with a pencil and then starts playing with her naked toes

    Kati Crutching Around the Docks with Foot Play
    One of our first cast beauties, Kati crutches around a working dock yard in this contemporary clip. The ground is really rough and gritty where she is and she must find a low wall where she can sit down prop up her casted foot and give her exposed toes a proper massage. Check out how her long pretty toes wiggle and curl.


    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(
    $ Broken Devilz Vidz In HD [Edit]
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    (Viktoria SLWC-TC & Dolly SLC Toe Suck)
    8 hours ago

    **Cast Clips for the Cast & Foot Fetishist -- In Clear Large Format SD AND HIGH DEF**


    Viktoria SLWC with Toe Spica and Dolly SLC Toe Sucking Lesbians (English) Viktoria and Dolly have two broken legs a pair of crutches and one high heel between them. They also have a fetish for sucking each other's exposed casted toes. Even with Viktoria having her bog toe casted as well Dolly can still happily suck on the other four while lucky Viktoria can suck on all five of Dolly's toes. These two have a real chemistry and go down on each others toes with passion as they wiggle and curl in their casts. A very Erotic and sensuous "Must See" casted lesbian sex clip.

    Deborah BC / DHS / Minerva Busted Casturbator Gets Vibrated and Foot Worshiped
    After her bad car accident Deborah is completely immobilized in a body cast, DHS and Minerva, She's bored to tears, literally. So she does the only thing that makes herself feel better, she plays with herself. The night nurse comes in and catches her. But rather than scolding her or stopping her, she commiserates and says she thinks she can help her out. The nurse breaks out a industrial hospital vibrator and tries to bring Deborah to orgasm (with the catheter inserted) while playing with her tits. The nurse also sucks Deborah's pretty toes. In fact the nurse gets so into it that she pulls off her own clothes and uses the vibrator on herself as she plays with Deborah's toes and tries to orgasm herself. When they both finish the nurse goes back to her duties (nude) and wipes Deborah's vagina down.

    Suzy SLC Struggling to Shower
    We rate this one a must see because it's so sexy in its simplicity and innocents. A beautiful girl with a great body, long toes (and the largest always excited looking nipples we've ever seen) struggling to take a shower in a very small shower room. How does she deal with not getting her cast wet, struggling around in crutches, cleaning herself and then drying herself off. It's all there and very, very sexy.



    - 5 New 1024X58HD/1920X1080HD Clips Per Month!
    - Our crisp, clear clips are filmed and edited by professional videographers and equipment.
    - Our casts are made by professional hospital technicians.
    - We constantly script new cast and foot fetish stories for our clips
    - Compare the clarity & resolution of our clips, and you'll immediately notice the qualitative difference.

    * We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Am I dead yet CASTLOVER [Edit]
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    (Am I dead yet)
    9 hours ago


    • Videos come complete, not crooked
    • Currently more than 800 High Quality Video Clips and growing
    • Many different types of Plaster Casts
    • SLWC,SLC,LLC,LLWC,Hip Spica,SAC,LAC,CLC,Minerva
    • Special Section to Famous in all kind of cast
    • Many sexy Girls, outdoor, indoor, with and without crutches and wheelchair
    • Reports about Girls in Real Med Casts and details of her stories
    • No Membership
    • New Gallery to images to Red
    • We have special gallery the Videos to amputated and braces women

    NEW - BETTER QUALITY - Higher Data capacity !!!

    NEW Video - Clip Today we show you:



    • Am I dead yet
    • Novela Felicidade
    • First Time Squatting Since The Accident! | Episode 41
    • Woman Leaves Hawaii After Murder Charges In Twin Sister's Death Are Dropped
    • Rydens leavers 2016: hope gemmell
    • CHINA | Pedir comida a domicilio y anunciar cosas vietnamitas
    • Hip Spica
    $ www.swisscaster.com [Edit]
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    (Mia at the Port - Video)
    10 hours ago

    the website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts

    Last updates:
    Mia at the Port - Video
    Yveta with LLWC - Part 4 - Video Mia at the Port - Photos
    Yveta with LLWC - Part 2 - wake up - Video
    Ice Skating Accident - Part 2 - Video
    Yveta with LLWC - Part 1 cast making - Video
    Nura with SLC - Video
    Vanessa goes to Magglingen by Train - Part 3 - Video
    Vanessa goes to Magglingen by Train - Part 2 - Video
    Janka with CLC - Video
    Vanessa in Magglingen - Photos

    check out our social media channels:


    $ NGOrthoArt [Edit]
    (L L C angled)
    17 hours ago
    NEW site for N G O
    $ Cast Fetish [Edit]
    (100 New Hot Rachel Adams Pics)
    20 hours ago


    100 New Hot Rachel Adams Pics

    Izzabella Clip Expires tomorrow

    02.27.2020 - Here's one more gallery of the sexy Rachel Adams posing her pink LLC in lingerie. These studio shots are hot! Stay tuned because these pics tie into an upcoming shoot!

    02.24.2020 - Izzabella seems to be an awesome model from the very first picture. In this gallery, she poses her blue LLC outside and then reveals her cute casted toes inside on the couch.

    02.21.2020 - This is the super cute new model Izzabella's first shoot and I've got some amazing shots of her in her blue LLC coming. This clip was all shot with a GoPro so it's all super wide angle. I told her to just talk a lot and she does just that. I'm not even sure what she's saying half the time, but she's a character and I look forward to more shoots with her. In this clip, she crutches for the first time and stops to wiggle her cute toes.

    02.17.2020 - I got all professional on this gallery and used some Valentines props that were in the studio with the beautiful and sexy Rachel Adams. She's in a pink LLC with sexy bra and panties for a very nice and hot 100 picture gallery. Don't miss this excellent gallery!

    02.14.2020 - First of all, if you haven't noticed, Tabitha has an awesome new public DLATS clip over on the remodeled Fantacast right now. It's great, so don't miss it! This gallery starts with public cell phone pics of Tabitha and then some beautiful park pics in the evening light.

    $ Patreon SwissCaster [Edit]
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    (Christmas Time)
    20 hours ago


    Membership Site with exclusive SwissCaster Content
    the membership website with hot girls on crutches and nice casts - check it out!

    Today new:
    Christmas Time - Gips Alpin HD Video

    $ Crutchcast Clips [Edit]
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    (Timmi SLC Clip)
    21 hours ago

    Welcome to Crutchcast Clips!

    It's a studio store that offers clips of crutching and hopping, leg cast and sprained ankle with girls from Europe.
    $ castEquipment [Edit]
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    (---- ALTOCAST back in stock ! ----)
    23 hours ago


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    The online shop for products used to create immobilizing bandages

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    • answer the polls on our site to influence our future product range!
    • future extension of our product range with currently not available products in Germany and Europe!
    $ Javiercast [Edit]
    (pictures and videos)
    30 hours ago
    pretty women with cast and crutches
    $ Long Toes in Term Casts Video Clips [Edit]
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    (Emma Term LLC & Benetta Term SLWC Crutch)
    32 hours ago

    Long Toes is Custom Term Casts
    Medically Applied Casts on Pretty Girls Expertly Photographed in Realistic Situations
    We did a bunch of custom never before seen term shoots with Benetta, Emma, Yvette and Zuzu and have lots and lots of footage we will present here for these four girls who spent parts of consecutive months over a few years term casted. Its an astonishing amount of footage that would take years to release otherwise, so we decided to create a single theater just for these girls term casting experiences.

    Emma Term LLC & Benetta Term SLWC Crutching and Gimping on Vacation
    Emma and Benetta are hanging out on vacation and not letting their constantly casted conditions from keeping them from having fun no matter how steep the incline or how many the stairs. The only accommodation they make for their casts are the many breaks they take to prop their legs up and wiggle their toes with some nice closeups. With two shoes and three crutches between them they seem to get along fine although they attract a lot of attention as two tall attractive girls hobble about with their long toes hanging out of their casts.

    Yvette SLWC Pedal Pumping Nightmare: Flat Tire with Broken Foot & Toe
    Poor Yvette needs to tool around town in her BMW because gimping around on her severely broken foot and toe is just too painful... Pedal Pumping isn't easy either though -- especially when she ends up getting a flat and has to flag down two guys to help her fix it. She doesn't have to convince them she is a real damsel in distress with her bulky cast and huge plastered big toe. Her biggest issue is getting them to concentrate of fixing the tire and not staring at her naked toes! Lots of Pedal pumping in this one with Yvette's good and bad foot..

    Zuzu Term SLWC Gimping to Lunch with a Cane and Bare Toed Without Polish Normally when Zuzu gimps out she polishes that nails on her one half naked foot perpetually sticking out of her cast. Because st and almost everyone walking by checks the cast and her one partially bare foot out. Sometimes however she is in a hurry and doesn't have time to do her pretty toes and leaves them unpolished. This is teh case today as she bimps in public with the aid of a cane aroung the city streets, takes as shortcut that requires her to jump off the edge of a concrete wall and ends up at a restaurant -- where she can prop her foot up on a bench, rub her exposed unpolished toes and eat in peace without being bothered or stared at. If you like a lot of public gimping with cane but also foot and foot play closeups this one is for you.


    ** We think all CC listings should be a uniform size... We asked... many times... nobody seemed to be listening so we supersized too :-(

    $ Patreon Swedishcrutch [Edit]
    (Elisabeth term SLC 4 min)
    45 hours ago

    Crutchcast & Swecrutch goes Patreon and take back our old name SWEDISHCRUTCH!!
    European models with cast, sprains & crutches.

    $ Swecrutch Clips [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (Amanda Sock Sprain Knee Clip)
    45 hours ago

    Welcome to Swecrutch Clips!

    It's a studio store that offers popular clips that have been published before on another studio store. Be sure to check, so you don’t buy duplicates. Enjoy!
    $ Swecrutch.com [Edit]
    (Elisabeth Sock Sprain Photos)
    45 hours ago


    This is a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.
    $ Real Cast and Crutching-Wheelchair [Edit]
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    (Woman crutching Castshoe)
    48 hours ago

    This woman broke her right ankle. She wears a castshoe, and she walks on her purple crutches.
    $ cast4sale [Edit]
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    (% O F F E R %)
    56 hours ago

    15 years, since 2004 our online shop with more than 1000 product, wide range of Fibercast!
    We offer many TOP quality utilities for immobilization with fiberglass and plaster bandages from reputable manufacturers, amongst them 3M, Hartmann, BSN, NOBA, Miro, L & R, DARCO, HEBU, REBOTEC and many more.

    - Best prices, fast shipping and finest quality for Cast Supplies. Only top quality 3M Scotchcast plus/ 3M Poly Premium, 3M Soft-Poly Cast and 3M Softcast and many more!
    - 10 Rolls Fibercast 37,00 EURO incl. Tax + Shipping

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    Choose from many various complete sets, either with plaster, poly cast, soft cast or fiber cast!

    Newsletter to never miss any special offers! PayPal welcome!
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    $ FashionablyCasted [Edit]
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    (Renee Video Part 2)
    3 days ago


    ***Her juicy toes really stick out of these ankle casts.***

    ***NEW: Members can now watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

    ***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

    Over 180 different cast shoots.

    Over 10,000 High Resolution photos.

    Over 2,500 minutes worth of video footage with models hobbling around in rigid attire.

    ***Join for as low as $21.95 a month***

    $ Hard Wrapped [Edit]
    (Jade Double Headgear Video Part 2)
    4 days ago


    ***Jade is back. Jade still has braces. She gets her wires changed and power chain installed over her brackets. It gets progressively worse for her as she has to get double headgear installed at her next appointment. Can it get even worse? You be the judge as she has more than just her lips being spread open to worry about.***

    ***Watch all videos live on the site! All videos are available to download as well.***

    ***We are smart phone and tablet friendly. No need to download videos in order to view them.***

    Become a member today and see how it feels to get closer to her during her most vulnerable moment.

    Sign my cast please....

    $ Castlinks.com [Edit]
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    (Update CastPlanet & LOSPAC)
    4 days ago

    Cast-Video.com :

    16. February : FREE DOWNLOAD CLIP

    + FREE PREVIEW CLIPs at VK.com & YouTube.com !!

    PayPal available now for Cast-Video.com - CastComedy.de & WishAmp.com !!


    CastLinks informs briefly and concisely and places the most important links to our sites

    • Castplanet.com- Latest update : 24. February 2020
      Best Cast Fetish Site - High quality pictures ! , More than 90.000 pix and over 24 hours videoclips, all for one monthly fee.

    • Footmodel.de- Latest update : 21. February 2020
      Sprain - Cast- Bandage - Braces - Feet - Legs, More than 50.000 High-Quality Pictures and over 15 hours of Videos online!

    • Lospac.com - Latest update : 24. February 2020
      Castfetish at its best!
      More than 28.000 High-Quality Pictures and over 5 hours of video-clips online !

    • Cast-Video.com Latest update : 16. February 2020

      More than 3500 High-quality-videoclips (rising continues)! You can buy single-clips and download them directly to your computer.
      No membership.

    • WishAmp.com Latest update : 30. December 2019
      More than 200 High-quality-videoclips (rising continues)! You can buy single-clips and download them directly to your computer.
      No membership.
    and offers own free updates.


    $ NextGen Ortho [Edit]
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    (P A R T 2)
    5 days ago

    E M I L Y LLC angled check P A R T 2
    $ L.C.F. Special [Edit]
    - What's New -

    (s l w c)
    5 days ago

    K A T J A — v i s i t